COViD 19 update

COViD 19 update

Dear St Peter’s

You will have heard on the news that there is growing concern over the spread of the coronavirus, omicron variant. As of yesterday (9th December) we have received new instructions from the Government and Church authorities (details available Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance | The Church of England). As from today (10th December) face masks are to be worn in places of worship. We may still sing but we are asked to do so with masks on. They can be removed for singing if this is difficult for you, but it is not advised. We must ensure we have good ventilation, I do suggest thinking about what you wear, warm clothes are advised. We can remove masks for eating and drinking so we can continue with our practice of communion in one kind and refreshments after the service.

We will be Zooming most of our Christmas services. Because of the quantity services and it being the holiday season we will be sending the orders of service out in batches and we will be using the same zoom credentials for all zoomed services. The Zoomed services will be:

                             19th December 10 am Parish Mass, 5.30pm Carol Service

                             24th December 11.30pm Midnight Mass

                             25th December 10am Mass of the Holy Nativity

                             26th December 10am Parish Mass (Feast Day of St Stephen Protomartyr)

We will not be zooming the Christingle due to issues of Safeguarding.

I hope this is helpful. if you have any concerns or questions please do let me know.

Love and prayers,

Fr David

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