Pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi

Pilgrimage to Rome & Assisi

Twenty five pilgrims set off from Heathrow airport on Wednesday 3rd May heading for Rome and Assisi. Mainly from St Peter's but also parishes across London we journeyed together exploring ancient Christian sites, seeing the examples of great Christian art and vesting the religious centres that have shaped Western Christianity. 

In Rome the pilgrims visited the great Basilica of St Peter, the Sistine Chapel, the Catacombs of Domitila where we celebrated mass, and the sites of ancient imperial power in the Roman Forum.

In Assisi we focused on the life and ministry of St Francis and St Clare, visiting their shrines, celebrating Mass in their basilica and praying in the hermitage of the early Franciscan brothers and San Damiano.

It was a very special journey in which we all had a great time of fellowship and engagement with God.

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